This demand made us very happy: To make a bronze bust of Masaryk in the size of 30 cm, without a patina, or with a dark patina.

"My wish is to buy or have a bust of TG Masaryk made between 30 and 40 cm high, max. 37 cm wide on a pedestal with Masaryk's signature (see appendix) or with the inscriptions" Democracy means discussion. " The bust will be exhibited indoors. The material will be by appointment, I will be happy to recommend it. The bust should be according to the photo, see the attachment. "


  • Bust of Masaryk, size about 30 cm
  • Bronze material - without patina or dark patina
  • Pedestal signed by TG Masaryk
  • Pattern masaryk - sent photo

Production of a bronze bust - video

Bronze bust pattern

Photo of a masary for a bust

Bust production process

We decided to cast the cap separately, the bust itself and additionally create glasses. The individual parts are then joined mechanically or by welding.

3D model busty

Virtuální 3D model vytvořený modelářem – Masaryk

3D tisk busty

Na 3D tiskárně jsme vytiskli plastový model – doba tisku kolem 72 h – Masaryk

Silicone mold Masaryk

Následně se podle 3D tisku tvoří silikonová forma – Masaryk
The silicone is applied repeatedly until the outer shape is smooth and uniform - about 3-5 days

Gypsum mold (mother mold)

Sádrová forma jako podpora pro silikon – Masaryk

Hollow silicone mold

Plastový model se ze silikonu vyndá a zbude nám dutá silikonová forma – Masaryk

Wax casting

Do silikonu se odlévá vosk tak, aby byla výsledná busta dutá – Masaryk

Wax bust

Voskový model busty krátce po odlití vosku – Masaryk

Production of shell molds

Skořepinová forma pro odlití bronzu – Masaryk
Shell final mold for casting bronze - Masaryk
Fired mold ready to be cast in bronze
Bronze casting of Masaryk after fresh casting and breaking of the mold
Rough grinding of a bronze bust - Masaryk
Chisel of a bronze bust - Masaryk
Bronze bust after polishing - Masaryk
Bronze bust of Masaryk – patina

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