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Are you looking for suitable coworking in Prague, where you will have your peace and space to work? We offer coworking for the discerning. We will provide you with a table, chair, storage space, the possibility to use the refrigerator and coffee maker. However, that is not all, in addition, we will provide you with an entire high-tech workshop for your projects.

FutLab: Coworking in Prague

Briefly about FutLab : We are one of the first complex high-tech workshops in Prague or makerspace . Here you will find 3D printers, lasers, electrical workshop, sewing workshop, plotter and thermolis, dirty workshop, dyeing plant and much more. The workshop is open to members and we provide training in the operation of our machines and thematic workshops for the public.


coworking prague



What we offer

  • Own table and chair
  • Storage space
  • Rest room
  • Coffee maker and refrigerator
  • Projection screen and projector
  • Possibility of conferences or lectures
  • Roof with vegetable garden
  • High-tech workshop with modern technologies
  • Trainings and workshops
  • Regular FutLab events (barbecues and meetups)


What equipment do we have

  • 3D workshop (12 pieces of 3D printers)
  • Electrical workshop (solders, power tools, multimeter and other equipment)
  • Sewing workshop (sewing machines and overlock)
  • Design workshop (plotter, thermolis, 2D printer)
  • Mechanical workshop (ponk, drills, grinders and many tools)
  • Laser and CNC (modern automated machines)
  • Coworking (possibility of own table / chair, coffee machine, fridge)
  • Relax zone (couch, coffee table and possibility of relaxation)

coworking in Prague

plotter, thermolis and printer


Where coworking is located: Prague 3

We are located between Prague 3 and 10. Specifically between the Olšany cemeteries and the Žižkov Freight Station. This district has its own atmosphere and if you are a fan of older industrial buildings, you will definitely love our place. Our building is located right on the Eclipse site, which used to be a large printer.

Now you will find our FutLab makerspace in our building, the Brmlab hackerspace is directly opposite, and the building also houses independent artists, the Mimo Space studio or the 3D Alchemy Lab.

You will also find a casting workshop and a workshop for working with wood and metals.

An ideal place for startups, beginning entrepreneurs, hardware developers, artists, visionaries, innovators and the like.

Coworking opening hours

We are open every working day from 9 am to 8 pm. Access on individual days varies according to the selected membership . If you order a master membership, you can walk every weekday from morning to evening. On Saturdays or Fridays we usually organize trainings and workshops. On Sunday we do space maintenance. More info in contacts .


FutLab coworking


What's the best thing about it?

In regular coworking in Prague, you pay at least CZK 3,000 and you only get a chair in an area where dozens of other people are crammed. With us you get a table, a chair, a chest of drawers and the whole workshop for the same price. In addition, we offer discounts on training and materials.

Unique coworking and workshop

  • We are one of the first comprehensively equipped makerspaces in Prague
  • There is no university or rich investor behind us (we still pay for everything ourselves)
  • The whole concept was created based on our own desire for DIY production of our own items
  • Our project includes community principles, such as DIY, open source, creative commons
  • We support cryptocurrencies and modern technologies
  • We are a free company that behaves responsibly and decently.
  • Our goal is to become an educational center and space for modern brokers, freelancers and startups


If you have any questions, please contact us

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