Workshop where plastics are changed into metal. A place where everyone can make (almost) anything. We use technology to turn plastics into metal, experiment with materials and print clothes. However, the intention is not to produce one specific assortment, but to offer a place where you can create comprehensively and without unnecessary compromises.

Weapons from 3D printers

In the workshop, we are currently producing various replicas of weapons using 3D printers , for example from the legendary post-apocalyptic game Fallout 4, but we are gradually improving our creation and we are already starting to produce individual parts from real objects. E.g. barrel of metal and stock of wood. We then corrode or paint the composite parts so that they look like real rusted parts. After all, this is a post-popo, where you can't expect some brand new shiny great weapons.

Pipe pistol from Fallout 4 made using a 3D printer


What other weapons do we make?

Thanks to one successful model on the Internet, we were able, for example, to print a very faithful copy of the American M4A1 carbine. The rifle has moving parts and if we did not make a colored muzzle of the barrel, then at first glance it is not easily recognizable from the original.

We are currently assembling other weapons from the game Fallout 4. 3D printing is only here as a prototype and then we modify the parts from real components (metal, wood, etc.). The goal is to make a functional airsoft gun and mimic the faithful design of the game.

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

We experiment with materials

The fascination with imitating various rusted objects or corrosion in copper or bronze sculptures led us from 3D printing to the casting of silicone molds and the subsequent casting of metals .

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.


Alchemy of modern times

So we also decided to start something called 3D alchemy lab . Workshop where we experiment with different materials or chemicals and create new combinations. 3D printing technology is directly about combining it with other technologies.

For example, we can print a 3D model, then cast a mold and then add a polymer with a metal powder to the mold. The result is a product that looks like metal and has similar properties.

We can also produce real metal objects thanks to 3D printing and metal casting. E.g. we looked up a dagger from Skyrim, designed it according to the model, printed it out 3D and now we can, for example, cast it from bronze and have a replica based on a PC game.

3D Alchemy Lab

3D Alchemy Lab in the evening

We came to the conclusion that we can, for example, combine 3D printing and various substances , smooth the models with acetone, or print a part, which we then corrode with oxidizing media.

3D printed structure imitating textile materialsfutlab logo, textile printing

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

You can also take an interesting holiday photo and then create it 3D using free software. Or you can do your own scan and then print it out and make it a real bust.

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

Our intention is also to combine different machines and skills. For example, you can cut a board for a skateboard, print parts for electronics, put mechanics into operation in an electrical workshop and cast metal parts in a 3D alchemy lab. Then use a laser to engrave the logo on the board and during your free time take a picture of the whole thing and make an original print on the T-shirt. This is our idea to make almost anything according to your idea .

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

We are not saying that we already have all the necessary machines and equipment, but we are gradually expanding the possibilities and becoming an increasingly complex workshop. We have no big company, university or rich sponsor behind us. We pay for everything ourselves and most of the things in the workshop we put into operation or produced ourselves (the only exception is the electricity, which we left to the electricians). Our workshop is to show that it works, even if you don't have a lot of money. All you have to do is have an idea, perseverance and pursue your dream, even if others discourage you.

There is a clear philosophy behind everything

Our idea is based primarily on the fact that in a world of endless consumption and boundless capitalism, people no longer really need much and buy most unnecessary things only because of advertising, which tries to convince them that they need it. In reality, however, this is not the case. I know this myself, I've worked in advertising and I know a lot of tricks that advertising agencies use to manipulate people. When people can buy anything and don't need much, then returning to honest handmade production is a way to stop for a moment in this hectic world and try your hand at work.

We support the DIY movement , or "do it yourself". This motto has become our lifestyle and we adhere to it in almost all the activities we carry out in the workshop. For example, when we needed new signs at the entrance, or photos on the walls as decoration or a logo on the wall… we simply printed it ourselves either on a 3D printer or on a classic printer.

The reason why we decided for a community workshop is simple. We could certainly only set up a workshop for private production and offer services to other companies. We have the necessary equipment and now the knowledge. But we decided that we did not want to jump from one job to another, where we will just be slaves for other companies. We decided that our activities must have other goals than just making money. That is why our workshop is a community and we want to build this community, pass on knowledge and together create interesting ideas .

We want to be such an island of freedom , where you can take a break from haste, money and corporate hustle and bustle for a while. After all, our location, the former Eclipse complex, which is detached from the hustle and bustle of the city, not far from the equally interesting Žižkov Freight Station, in an old building where the industrial atmosphere and the time when factories were full of large machines and the Czechia was an engineering power .

The paradox is that nowadays these buildings are falling into disrepair and various artists, non-traditional cafes and various community projects are gradually settling in them. The circle has closed, where there were once capitalist symbols of factory power, there are now community projects that offer social overlap and a return to manual labor.

A workshop for everyone who wants to create

Maybe it can all mean that we target some professionals in the field and that an ordinary person can't make something. However, the opposite is true. We are not professionals in the field and we came from a completely different environment. Specifically from marketing and biotechnology. Nevertheless, we went for it and learned everything ourselves. We are a clear proof that even an ordinary layman can make anything that comes to mind. All you have to do is have space, machines, tools and possibly some advice from colleagues. We offer all this in our FutLab workshop .

FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

Inspiration from abroad

You may think it's all nice and interesting, but you don't really think what you'd like to make yourself? Then get inspired abroad, just like we do .


Here are some interesting sites for 3D models or products for inspiration:

Free 3D models:




Youtube channels:

RCLifeOn: Amazing ideas for a fun one young Swede:

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I Like To Make Stuff: A very handy maker who is able to create almost anything in his workshop:

The Sorry Girls - a Canadian duo that try to imitate and make decorations or clothes from expensive stores and show that not everything has to be bought for big money

FutLab makerspace

Are you interested in trying out 3D printing and other workshop activities? Stop by our High-tech workshop in FutLab , or try our 3D custom printing service and we will print anything you want.