We have opened our high-tech workshop for modern do-it-yourselfers, artists, students and entrepreneurs in modern technologies. The workshop has 154 m2 and is located in Prague 3, in the Eclipse complex (the original seat of large-format printing). The workshop includes 3D printers, lasers, solders, grinders, sewing machines, or a plotter or thermolis and other modern tools . The workshop is open to the public and can be used by members who pay a membership fee. We prepare trainings and workshops (3D printing, drones, robots, sewing and work with laser or CNC).

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Entrance to the Eclipse complex


What are the main activities and goals of the workshop

  1. Provide space for brokers and other interested parties (eg artists)
  2. Providing training , workshops and education in DIY technologies
  3. Connect with universities and technology companies
  4. Production of own machines based on creative commons
  5. Production of own products (especially prop products and 3D printing in combination with electro)
  6. Providing services in the field: CNC, laser, 3D printing , post-processing


FutLab's photo: Makerspace Praha.

3D workshop


Workshops and training

FutLab's photo: High-tech workshop: Makerspace Prague. 

Our first 3D printer assembly workshop

In the meantime, we want to start with these and gradually, according to interest, we will modify and add:

  • Training in the basics of 3D printing
  • Advanced 3D printing training
  • Basic sewing training
  • Workshop on creating your own drone / robot (3D printing, assembly, electronics)
  • Sewing workshop for beginners (sewing fabric bags)
  • Workshop creating your own print on a t-shirt
  • Creative creation workshop using 3D printing

We plan : A regular creative Friday, when we always agree on a joint project, which we will then implement in more people. We are currently preparing, for example, an RC tank with a camera for remote control. We also plan trainings and workshops with laser and CNC.SMARS's photo.

Zones in the workshop

  1. 3D printing zone
  2. Mechanical workshop
  3. Electrical workshop
  4. Sewing workshop
  5. Design workshop (plotter, thermolis, 2D printer)
  6. Grinding and machining workshop (in preparation)
  7. Desk zone for PC and training
  8. Rest area with sofa
  9. Coworking for extra members (master): max. 5 members
  10. Coffee maker, refrigerator


Workshop equipment

  • 7 classic FDM 3D printers
  • 1 SLA printer for detailed printing
  • 1 3D printer with two extruders
  • 1 3D printer for larger objects
  • Large color 2D printer / scanner
  • Laser Arduino
  • Laser CO2, 90W
  • Cutting plotter
  • Termolis
  • 3 sewing machines
  • Solders and grinders
  • Glue gun
  • Common tools

We continuously replenish everything and buy other tools and machines. Image result for prusa mk310

We plan to acquire:

  • 1 CNC stroj X- carve
  • 3D scanner
  • 3D ceramic printer


What else do we plan:

  • Metal casting
  • Vacuum machine

1000_angle_0080_halfYou can support us on the HitHit website and thanks to that we will buy a table CNC X-Carve for woodworking. This will also give you membership and training at better prices.

What are our plans for the future

  • We want to produce drones, RC models, e-bikes and electric longboards, robots
  • Create something similar to earlier crafts (apprentice and master), only in modern technology
  • To become a training center in the field of modern technologies for makers
  • Connecting the art of budding artists and modern DIY technology
  • Buy new machines that are not commonly available for do-it-yourselfers


Planned workshop projects

FutLab's photo: High-tech workshop: Makerspace Prague. CC-based projects. Freely available for use. The projects will be implemented by the FutLab team, but any member can participate.

  1. RC remote control tank
  2. Drone with a camera
  3. Electro longboard
  4. Functional terminal from Fallout 4
  5. Robotic hand
  6. Functional IoT system for controlling lights, temperature, humidity, etc. in the workshop
  7. Custom DIY laser and 3D printer
  8. Replicas of works of art using a 3D scan and printer ( samples on Instagram )

Eachine E010 Tiny Whoop upgrade kit imagePicture of Electric Longboard | 20mph | 10 MilesFallout 4 - Wall Mounted Terminal Replica image

Important information

The workshop is located in Prague 3 and is accessible either from the Želivského metro station (or tram) or from the tram at the Žižkov Freight Station. There is also the possibility of parking by car in the area. Address: Pod Kapličkou 20 (Eclipse complex), 130 00, Prague 3 The workshop will be available to members who undergo introductory training and pay a membership fee. Membership fees are paid in 3 levels:

  1. Novice membership: Once a week: 500 CZK / month
  2. Padavan membership: Three times a week: 1000 CZK / month
  3. Master membership: Sixty a week + possibility to use coworking and coffee machine: CZK 3,000 / month (limited number of places)
  4. We also offer the possibility of working for an hourly rate. The hourly rate is CZK 150, or a one-time fee of CZK 250 / day.

We offer discounts for students who are from cooperating schools. Anyone can come and see during the opening hours , just write to us and we will arrange a suitable date. It is necessary to take the material yourself or buy it in the workshop (or in the future it will be possible to order via our upcoming e-shop). At the beginning of April, we open a pilot operation for the first early members and serious applicants, during which we will capture details. We will inform you on Facebook about the start of full operation in time.

Opening hours

Opening hours for apprentices and novices: Every weekday from afternoon to evening. Opening hours for masters: From Monday to Friday (or weekend). On Saturdays and Sundays we usually organize workshops or various educational events.

How you can get involved

  • Become a regular member and use the workshop
  • Be part of coworking and get the benefits of an extra membership
  • Become part of our team and get involved in various projects
  • Become a trainer and train one or more of our activities
  • As a student, you can involve your school in our support and get a more advantageous membership
  • As a company, you can participate in cooperation on various technological projects


How you can help us

Of course, we can't do everything ourselves. So if you are interested in the idea of our workshop, you can help us and thanks to you we will not only be able to implement the workshop, but also further improve it.

  • Share the idea of our workshop (via social networks, tell your friends about it or in the media)
  • If you are a journalist, write a report, article, interview or report about us
  • If you are a student, tell us about us at your school and we can arrange cooperation
  • If you are an entrepreneur, establish cooperation with us
  • If you understand 3D printing, lasers, CNC, or electronics, you can get involved as a trainer or foreman
  • If you just want to support us with a small amount and become a member, we have a crowdfunding campaign to buy a CNC at Hithit.com .

Contact : info@futLab.cc

Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far or is planning to do so. Everything can be created only thanks to the whole community of makers and enthusiasts of modern technologies. Follow our activity on Facebook so that you don't miss any news.