Under the chapel 3155/20
Eclipse Complex,
Prague 3
130 00


Pod Kapličkou 3155/20

Eclipse Complex,

Building at the back right (pictured below, with Eclipse sign)

Prague 3

130 00

IČP: 1012343367


The building is located in the former Eclipse complex, it is a building with green windows on the right. The entrance to the complex is only from one side , ie from Na Třebešíně / Pod Kapličkou Street opposite the tennis courts.

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Nearest metro: Želivského

Nearest tram: Between cemeteries

Nearest bus: Třebešín or Červený Dvůr

Possibility of parking by car: Yes

Nearby: Zizkov Freight Station



Tel: 723 859 558 (Daniel Gottwald)


Billing information

Byznyslab sro

Pod Kaplickou 3155/20,

Prague 3, Strašnice

130 00

IC: 06493343

Steuernummer: CZ06493343

The company is registered in the Commercial Register .

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