What is makerspace

Makerspace is a creative space for modern do-it-yourselfers of the 21st century. It is an open workshop for members and the public, where every handyman (maker), artist, craftsman, student or entrepreneur can make anything they can think of (according to the possibilities and equipment of the workshop). Makerspace spaces are usually equipped with modern technology and machines, such as 3D printers, laser, CNC, power tools, sewing machines, thermoformers, plotters and various other modern DIY machines.

We are a modern makerspace

As a modern makerspace, we want to offer a creative space for members and allow them to make anything according to their imagination. Our goal is to have the maximum number of tools, thanks to which you can make almost anything.

Futlab is a modern workshopwhere it is possible to focus on many different activities, be it art, modern technology, business or just DIY in your spare time.


In our premises you can create robots, drones, make replicas of items from games and movies, sew your own clothes or accessories, create your own company logos, make your own t-shirt print, engrave a photo on wood, or make your own table connected to electronics. There are many possibilities, just your imagination and a little skill.

You can find inspiration for 3D printing here , for example, complex products can be found on instructables .

You can also find interesting ideas and videos on I Like To Make stuff or Tested .

What we offer

  1. Providing makerspace (modern high-tech workshops)
  2. Trainings and workshops (we educate in the field of makers technologies)
  3. Possibility of cooperation (we offer space and sharing know-how)

Equipment of our makerspace



  • 3D workshop (12 pieces of 3D printers)
  • Electrical workshop (solders, power tools, multimeter and other equipment)
  • Sewing workshop (sewing machines and overlock)
  • Design workshop (plotter, thermolis, 2D printer)
  • Mechanical workshop (ponk, drills, grinders and many tools)
  • Laser and CNC (modern automated machines)
  • Coworking (possibility of own table / chair, coffee machine, fridge)
  • Relax zone (couch, coffee table and possibility of relaxation)

Possibility to use the workshop

You can visit our space at any time during opening hours (just write in advance: ).

The space is primarily intended for members . We offer different levels of membership .

Opening hours

We are open every working day from early afternoon (approx. 14:00) to evening (approx. 20:00).

Access on individual days varies according to the selected membership .

On Saturdays or Fridays we usually organize trainings and workshops. On Sunday we do space maintenance.

More info in contacts .

Trainings and workshops

We organize regular trainings and workshops.

Basics of working on machines (especially 3D printing, laser, sewing and CNC), but also the production of specific products according to the interests of members and non-members.

Trainings, workshops and events are open to everyone .

Unique makerspace

  • We are one of the first comprehensively equipped makerspaces in Prague
  • There is no university or rich investor behind us (we still pay for everything ourselves)
  • The whole concept was created based on our own desire for DIY production of our own items
  • Our project includes community principles, such as DIY, open source, creative commons
  • We are ecological and we sort all waste. We try to reuse plastic waste
  • We support cryptocurrencies and modern technologies
  • We are a free company that behaves responsibly and decently.
  • Our goal is to become an educational center and space for modern makers

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