We bring you more news from 3D printing for the last month.

Specialists have created a new type of cheap 3D printer

The new low-cost 3D printing system was introduced by experts from the University of Minnesota. Thanks to this technology, they can print directly on human skin. Both electronics and living cells can be created using a 3D printer.

Autodesk and GM are working on 3D printing to make car parts

Autodesk and General Motors have begun working together on 3D car parts printing capabilities. These should be simpler, stronger and also lighter. As a result, fuel consumption should be reduced.

Josef Průša bought the company Futur3D

Entrepreneur and investor Josef Průša plans further expansion in the field of 3D printing. The owner of Prusa Research bought the Czech company Futur3D, which manufactures professional DLP 3D printers.

Students want to beat the world with a new formula. It accelerates to one hundred in three seconds

To reduce the weight of the car, the young designers used the technology of metal 3D printing. They used newly developed aluminum powder to print some parts.

Successful IPO! Fillament's shares were rewritten on the START market

Today, the shares of Fillamentum were subscribed in full on the START market, which is newly organized by the Prague Stock Exchange. Investor interest was greater than the subscribed volume of shares. The price of one share was set at CZK 825. The minimum price was set at CZK 816 per share before the IPO. The company from Hulín subscribed for one-fifth of its shares for approximately 24 million crowns.

Australians have introduced the largest 3D printer of metal parts. It's as big as a bus

The printer sprays titanium alloy particles. It can handle the frame on the bike and parts of the plane.

A scientist with a cartridge of 3D printers made of recycled plastics got an enterprising head

The idea of using plastic waste, especially old PET bottles, to make cartridges for 3D printers led the scientist Jakub Navařík to victory in the Entrepreneurial Head competition. He succeeded among the eleven finalists in the competition organized by the Science and Technology Park of Palacký University in Olomouc.

Corners created by 3D printing could save the eyes of millions of people

One of the areas where the application of 3D printing in a wide range is expected in the future is medicine. Some implants or prosthesis components are already being created thanks to high-precision 3D printing technologies. Researchers at Newcastle University have made further progress in this area of medicine. They managed to print a functional cornea on a special 3D printer with the help of human cells.

Unique transplantation: Doctors in Brno operated on a patient's scapula made using 3D printing

Doctors at the University Hospital at St. Anne's in Brno performed a unique operation in which they implanted an artificial shoulder blade, including the shoulder joint, in the patient. The silver-plated titanium blade was made to measure for a 23-year-old man using 3D printing, losing a bone last year due to a tumor.

Scientists have created a new type of tissue. They were able to use a laser to connect artificial cells

With the possibility of constructing tissues with the help of laser, 3D printing and other methods, this opens up a potentially huge range of hitherto barely perceived possibilities. Once all concurrent methods of micro and macro synthetic biology are made more efficient (which, again, we will probably wait a few decades for), applied science will be able to produce new effective drugs, complex and compatible artificial organs, and possibly entire artificial beings.

The bricks are already grazed. You can build these great houses using a 3D printer

The DFA design studio, founded by Laith Savigh, will build sustainable houses on the plot, printed using a 3D printer. The dwellings called Galini Sleeping Pods have an area of less than 30 square meters and can be moved anywhere at any time.


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