News in FutLab: Big performance after a year at MakerFaire Prague , new unique products such as bronze castings, knives, pipes or an autonomous aquaponic system. New collaborations with other workshops, startup centers or with other innovative companies. We are also preparing brand new handmade workshops that you will not find anywhere else in Prague. And finally, our new FUTMAKERS platform for the sale of product makers and for the training of makers.

We have MakerFaire Prague behind us, the largest festival of do-it-yourselfers, craftsmen, innovators and inventors in Prague. It was difficult, but we certainly did not be ashamed. We presented a brand new stand, a lot of ambitious projects, a new brand design and a team of our members who have grown nicely for us.

Just a small comparison:


The picture can be: 1 person sitting


Na obrázku může být: 2 lidé, smějící se lidé, sedící lidé, stůl a uvnitř


Length of preparation

2018: 3 months

2019: 6 months


Number of people at the stand

2018: 2

2019: 9


Booth size

2018: 2 m x 2 m

2019: 5 m x 3 m


Types of projects

2018: 3D printing, laser and sewing

2019: 3D printing, laser, CNC, embroidery, metal casting, knives, pipes, electro, aquaponics, concrete, various games


What specifically could you see at our stand this year?

  • 3D printed variable path for balls
  • Wooden track for balls made on a laser
  • Synthesizers for electronic music
  • Vest sewn from recycled denim with engraved and embroidered patches
  • Autonomous aquaponic system for growing vegetables (circulates and purifies water itself, lights up)
  • Bronze, brass and pewter busts made on the basis of a 3D printed model
  • Concrete flower pots made on the basis of a 3D printed form
  • Chairs, stools and longboards - all made using CNC and laser
  • Handmade knives, pipes and furniture
  • An integral part of our exhibition was a hand-made sign made of wood, metal and other materials


Na obrázku může být: 5 lidí, stojící lidé, nápoje a uvnitř


Na obrázku může být: 5 lidí, smějící se lidé, sedící lidé a stojící lidé


The picture can be: 4 people


Newly established cooperation

We have established cooperation with many new entities, at random:


We are finishing Kovo's workshop

The workshop will be primarily intended for our production, workshops and for master-type members who already have experience with casting or blacksmithing.

  • Metal melting furnace
  • Blacksmith furnace for knives
  • Anvil and blacksmith equipment
  • Welding, working with metal


New workshops

  1. Manufacture of wooden handmade pipes
  2. Hand forged knife
  3. Production of a concrete flowerpot using a 3D mold
  4. Casting tin into silicone
  5. Production of chairs for CNC and laser

If you are interested in any workshop, just write to us at and we will get back to you as soon as the first date is published.

We hire members, startups and semi-professionals

If you are a handy handyman, a startup with several members, or a semi-professional working with 3D printing, laser, wood, metal, or design, etc. Just contact us.

Due to capacity reasons, we have suspended the basic membership (news) and now we will focus exclusively on members who have enough time, do not mind paying extra and often have their hobby as part of their own business.

FUTMAKERS platform

We are launching a platform for brokers who produce unique handmade products and have nowhere to sell them. We set up something like an e-shop that connects Czech brokers and foreign customers. - So far only beta version.

At the same time, we want to create promotional videos and manage a youtube channel, where we will show procedures and demonstrations of the production of individual products . We'll see where the platform moves. We currently focus mainly on bronze casting, knives, pipes, unique furniture, automated IoT systems and similar unique handmade products.

If you are interested in membership, workshop or cooperation. Contact us: .