This month we finally opened new rooms, bought a CNC, did an opening party and created the first castings of brass, aluminum and bronze. But much more has happened. See the following article for details.

We opened new rooms

In the same building (in Prague 3, Pod Kapličkou), we opened 3 new rooms and invited new neighbors from the Mimo Space clothing studio. Specifically, it is a casting and graphic workshop, a prototyping laboratory 3D Alchemy Lab and a so-called dirty workshop for working with wood and metals.

In the first workshop we currently had the opportunity to cast the first metals (aluminum, brass, copper, bronze) and in the 3D Alchemy Lab we again started making plaster and silicone molds and then casts of various sculptures, reliefs, as well as decorations and replicas of weapons.

3D Alchemy Lab

The last mentioned workshop has saws (formatting, miter, straight), grinders, planers, drills, milling machines, tools and especially our dream CNC (2.2 KW, 1500 x 1500 work surface). In the very near future, he will still have an iron saw, welders, an iron lathe and a grinder.

FutLab workshop (dirty workshop)

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In total, it is about 293 new m2, so with the original makerspace we have about 443 m2.

For the time being, the prototyping and casting workshop will be used for our internal projects and the development of some technologies. We are planning workshops on casting and mold making for the public, it will be plaster casts, silicone molds, but also casting such as aluminum.

The FutLab workshop or "dirty workshop" will be open from January 2019 for members in a special mode (once a week on Thursdays, with an experienced carpenter). Membership can be purchased separately or as a supplement to a regular membership. Each member will have to undergo first safety training and then training on the control of individual machines. Why do we offer it in a special mode? Because these are relatively dangerous machines for inexperienced users and we want to be extremely careful and cautious in this.

We had an opening party

On December 6, we had a spectacular party together with MIMO Space. We had tours of the premises and in the evening we started a party, where there was a DJ, a light show and a lot of good drinks and desserts. A lot of people came and overall we are satisfied that our lab attracted so many people.

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We as FutLab have already had regular barbecue parties for members and we continue with movie nights every last Wednesday. Until now, the events were primarily for members, but if you want to come to see us and have fun about our project, then it's definitely not a problem. If you weren't at the party, don't despair. There will be more 🙂

We cast metals

Finally, we had the time and opportunity to start experimenting with casting materials such as: aluminum, brass, copper, or bronze. We must say that our efforts were successful and we have several interesting prototypes and one complete product behind us, which is a Viking ax. So far, we have been casting into clay molds, and we are also preparing casting into plaster using the lost wax method.

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Due to the success of our efforts, we decided to purchase one more electric melting furnace and one furnace for firing gypsum and ceramics.

We have new trainings

From January 2019, we have planned new public trainings and workshops. Specifically, these are 3D printing training for advanced, postprocessing training, welding workshop, production of a wooden tool box and other new courses, which we will publish very soon. It is already possible to order some courses either as a gift voucher or for specific January dates.

What we are planning for the future

In addition to the plans already mentioned, we have decided not to continue to provide custom services until we have a larger internal team. Due to the fact that we are currently only 3 and we all do normal full time work in addition to the workshop, it is practically impossible to do professional custom work at a higher level. It takes a lot of time, effort and often nerves. We therefore want to focus primarily on lab development, services for our members, training and workshops. At the same time, we develop various technologies and our products internally, which requires a lot of time.

We're going

  • Extension of the internal team
  • Plastic waste processing
  • Casting of bronze and glass
  • Completely made longboards
  • Production videos of all our projects
  • Greenhouse for growing food
  • Lectures on technologies and materials

We are going to do much more, but let yourself be surprised 🙂