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FutLab is a modern arts and crafts workshop and foundry. We use modern technology in the otherwise traditional field of bronze casting.

FutLab is a combination of the words future and laboratory . We try to combine modern technology and traditional craftsmanship.

Originally we started as an open workshop for do-it-yourselfers and we offered our machines and equipment for paying members, at the same time we organized various professional trainings regarding 3D printing, laser or traditional crafts.

In the meantime, however, we started custom production of design tables, bronze castings and the creation of sculptures, busts and reliefs.

Over time (and due to the coronavirus pandemic), it has become apparent that it is no longer sustainable to continue to be an open workshop for members, and the workshop therefore continues only as a professional custom production .

We now only offer custom services : Luxury design tables , Production of busts and sculptures , bronze casting and other arts and crafts. We also offer regular training in modern and traditional crafts.

If you want to visit us in order to establish cooperation, write to us on our e-mail and we will arrange by phone. We do not recommend personal contacts at this time.

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