In the following article, we will describe how to cast concrete furniture, flower pots, statuettes or other concrete design products. All you need for production is a mold, a separator, finer concrete and preparations for the additional final treatment of concrete.

Concrete form

First we create the so-called negative form. If we make, for example, a mold for a concrete table top, then we can use wooden formwork for the final shape of the top. If we want to cast a concrete statue or a flowerpot, then we will use a prepared silicone mold.

Paint the formwork with varnish so that the wood does not release unnecessary bubbles. We spray the silicone mold with a separating spray.

Formwork for pouring concrete chairs

Silicone and tub for mold


Concrete casting

Once the mold is ready, we break up the concrete mixture and mix according to the amount until the mixture is lump-free and in a consistency reminiscent of pancake dough. If we use fast-setting concrete, we must proceed fast enough and efficiently.

After pouring the mixture into the mold, we can either remove the bubbles using a vacuum pump (for smaller molds) or tap the mold on a larger wooden mold.

Then leave the mold in a stabilized form and let it solidify for at least 24 hours.

Concrete mold


Mold removal

Then we remove the form. Carefully remove the wooden formwork, remove the silicone mold from the casting, if the mold cannot be removed, we can carefully cut it. After removal, sprinkle the casting with water for a few more days and leave it somewhere out of the sun until the concrete has its maximum strength (depending on the type of concrete within 1 month of casting).

Concrete casting of Buddha

Concrete buddha and stone varnish

Final surface treatment

After the concrete has hardened, we can grind the casting, or possibly correct some errors or bubbles.

For the final treatment, we can use various stone varnishes, special glossy varnishes or wax to increase the gloss of the surface. We can paint the concrete with polyurethane paints or polish it to look like marble. Before painting, we recommend using penetration for better screed adhesion and longer service life.

Concrete casting from silicone mold



Concrete flowerpot and statuette

Concrete table top with expoxide resin

Concrete flowerpot: Extra fine concrete

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