In the following article, we will show you how we cast a bronze bust of Kratos from the game God of War 4. From the 3D model to the final patina.


Create a bronze bust of Kratos from the game God of War in the size of about 20 cm, a classic glossy brown patina.

The process of casting a statuette - video

Procedure Bronze casting

Creating a 3D model (in this case using a free 3D model on the website.

3D model busty

3D printing of the model in the size of about 20 cm.

Adjustment of 3D printing, smoothing of visible layers.

Production of a shell negative mold for subsequent casting of bronze.

Shell molds made of special foundry material

Burning of the mold by the method of so-called lost PLA in the furnace.

Foundry Prague
Mold kiln.

Casting bronze relief. Melting of bronze at a temperature of about 1200 degrees Celsius and subsequent casting into a negative fired mold.

Propane furnace for melting bronze
Casting hot metal into a mold

Adjustment of casting and chiselling. Specifically, cleaning with a wire brush, cleaning details with a hand milling machine, cleaning with steel wool, polishing with polishing mills. Chiselling of uneven surfaces and subsequent finishing.

Bronze casting - Casting from a broken mold

Finishing: Patination and polishing of the relief.

Patination with chemistry and flame.

Wax polishing.

Bronze casting - Bronze casting with patina

We probably succeeded in the statuette, because our work was shared by the manufacturer of the shell itself, which he normally supplies to large foundry companies all over the world.

The material manufacturer shares our bronze busts on FB

What we offer - Bronze casting

Are you interested in the general procedure of casting bronze step by step ? More in the article.

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