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3D printing for beginners

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  • Introduction to 3D printing technology
  • Introduction to the printer
  • Control the printer using the display
  • Calibrate and set up the printer correctly
  • Some practical tips
  • The most common printing mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Introduction to materials and some tips
  • 3D printing of the prepared model
  • Postprocessing of models (gluing, dyeing and other treatment)
  • Tips and tricks (where to get a model and other interesting information)
  • Completion of printing and subsequent maintenance of the printer and material
  • Interesting tips on what to print and various examples for inspiration
  • Space for questions, discussions

What you will learn

  1. How to control a classic FDM 3D printer
  2. How to use model editing software for printing
  3. How to care for and maintain your printer
  4. How to edit 3D models after printing
  5. Where to find 3D models for free
  6. How to use 3D object editing programs

What we print on

  • Prusa MK2s
  • Prusa MK3

What is included in the price

  • Presentation with notes
  • Practical training on a 3D printer
  • 3D printing of a small object that you take home
  • Basic refreshments (water, juice, coffee)
  • Discount on further FutLab training


Course length: 3 h

Number of people: 2 - 6

The course takes place from 5 pm.

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More information

Course length

3 h

Number of participants

2 – 6


From 5 p.m.

6 reviews 3D printing for beginners

  1. Pepa V

    A pleasant introduction to 3D on Průša printers. I definitely recommend. Plenty of space for questions of all kinds. I would welcome some documentation or. training video so I can return to the training information.

    • admin

      Thanks for the review and feedback. We realize that it's a lot of information at once, so we're really considering a video for course participants.

  2. Martin Kříž

    It's not rocket science, and the first training in 3D printing was just a little more complicated than introducing the printer: "This is Průšovka, this is where filament is being pushed."

    It's very friendly to beginners because it's just as complicated as you can do it yourself. From the simplest models and downright friendly materials, it won't give you time over time, until the thing glows in the dark, cuts, has the consistency of a sponge, or you model it yourself, and the simplest programs for that would suit the complexity of operation with windows painting. And those who don't model need a pitchfork to go through the many free downloadable models on the Internet.

  3. Adam H.

    A practical introduction to 3D printing from experienced printers, which will help you orient yourself in a number of tools, parameters and materials in a friendly atmosphere. It's nice that we got a document with all the important information for the course.

  4. Radek Š.

    Friendly and understandable acquaintance with 3D printing and its possibilities. Daniel seems like a man who has already printed a few kilometers of filament, so I appreciated the most practical tips and advice for getting started, and noting the most common mistakes of beginners.

    When I left the training, I was able to prepare and print the basic models, I had an idea of which printer to buy and which filaments to use, and full of ideas of what I need to print 🙂 Thank you very much!

  5. Tomas Viktorin

    Great introduction to 3D printing. Basic information needed on how a 3D printer works and a general overview. And most importantly, the very digestible basics of working with a 3D printer.

  6. Robert Rebernak

    Everything was very interesting. Environment very friendly. If there was a good video, then there is no mistake and I will give 10 stars.

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