In the following series, we want to document how to build a self-sufficient house from the purchase of land to furnishing the interior. This series will have 10 episodes and each will focus on a different important area.

The whole series will be created according to the progress of individual works and we will describe all the knowledge and experience we have gone through. This is our personal experience, so some procedures may differ. This is our public procedure for building a self-sufficient house.

If we are still talking about terminology, then it is not a real self-sufficient or "island system". In our case, an island system is not necessary. It is therefore a reasonable compromise between self-sufficiency and the possibilities of the place at a more affordable price.

We want to build a wooden container building with the help of a professional company and a self-help workshop the size of a larger garage (this will be followed by a separate series FUTcave later).

This series is our personal experience (Daniel - workshop owner and Janča - co-founder) and is not a general guide. It is based on our needs and individual conditions. "

List of individual parts of the series:

  1. Land search
  2. Mortgage processing and purchase of land
  3. Conditions: Materials, self-sufficiency, design
  4. Processing building permits
  5. Rough construction
  6. Self-sufficient systems: Water, electricity, heating
  7. Surface and final treatments
  8. Interior design and furniture
  9. Food self-sufficiency, garden and greenhouse

The individual parts will be created gradually according to the actual course of construction and may change.


We are a technological craft workshop and art foundry in Prague.

We make sculptures to order . Bronze, concrete, plaster and epoxy castings, design solid tables and stylish furniture for the apartment / house. We also offer a workshop for members and various trainings for the public.