What happened in 2019? There was a lot to see for yourself: Makers Academy, hydroponics, custom beer, first birthday, Makerfaire, custom oven, new castings, tables, etc. More below. And also plans for 2020.

In February, with the help of a 3D printed model, we cast the first successful bronze casting . Specifically, it was a statuette of Zeus Ammon from Myminifactory .

At the same time, we launched the macro education academy - FUTMAKERS Academy and attracted the first applicants to our thematic lectures:

In March, we presented the concept of our workshop at the FreshIT event:

In April, we launched our first autonomous aquaponic system (growing plants without clay and watering).

In May we brewed our first beer - FUTbeer (black ipa)

We also celebrated our first birthday (unfortunately the beer was still ripe, so we were satisfied with a regular purchase 🙂

In June, we participated in the second year of the festival of all makers - Makerfaire in Prague . This time, however, with a stand three times as large and three times the number of our team.

We also showed a lot of projects : Hydroponics, bronze castings, knives, pipes, synthesizers, various creative kits for children, own beer, furniture or concrete flower pots.

Over the holidays, we diligently put together our metal workshop and our workshop master Vašek completely manufactured and put into operation a brand new blacksmith furnace and at the same time improved the original metal melting furnace (also our own production).

In October, we fine-tuned the bronze casting process and we are already able to cast smaller and medium-sized statuettes on a professional level. The foundry material manufacturer even noticed this and shared our work on Fcebook .

We have also fully embarked on the production of design tables , especially in the production of concrete, solid wood or solid wood with resin.

While our production unit ( FUTMAKERS ) was dedicated to casting and table production, by the way, our membership base grew and we added several new full time members .

Members also began to adapt our makerspace to their image, creating a unique ecosystem inside the workshop . We are also happy to say that the upper workshop is self-sufficient after a year 🙂

In November and December, the renovation and professionalization of our wood workshop also continued. One of our members provided us with another CNC to use. We added a better extraction system, made new material racks and bought new machines for working with wood and metals.

Before the end of the year, we also launched our new website and e-shop for the sale of our handicraft products and we provide custom production: https://futmakers.cz/ . We are still working on the e-shop.

Finally, a few numbers:

We founded Lab in 2 people. We now have a team of 10 people who are actively involved in the running of the workshop.

We started with one room (clean workshop: coworking, 3D printing, laser, electro, sewing) and now we have 5 rooms : clean workshop, studio, metal workshop, wood workshop and office.

The numbers of the number of members vary according to the season, but we have about 30 members .

We had 25 courses and trained dozens of people (especially 3D printing and laser).

Plans for 2020

We have a few releases from 2019 and some very ambitious plans.


  • Long-planned courses
  • Completion of the metal workshop (shelves, new tables)
  • Purchase of several machines (band saw, lathe, large grinder)

Long-planned courses:

  • Welding course
  • Course of metal casting into silicone
  • Woodworking workshop (production of table, chairs, etc.)
  • Forging course

New plans and goals

We want to really start our FUTMAKERS handicraft production and become one of the main manufacturers of unique design furniture made of solid wood, concrete and resin.

We also continue to develop our small bronze foundry and offer custom casting of artistic sculptures and decorations.

Build your own kit for DIY workshop FUTcave (real approx. 6 x 4 m workshop). Where we will map, share and then offer the whole process as a kit (plans and procedure). It will be a small workshop / garage, but there should be equipment for most DIY work.

3D model of the upcoming FUTcave workshop

We plan to start the production of various open source practical projects for the house or apartment. We will share all projects and on our blog you will always find an article with the production process or a video.

We also want to create an automated greenhouse that has its own system of watering, ventilation, passive heating and cooling. This greenhouse should produce crops throughout the year and mimic the climate for tropical fruits.

We also want to continue producing our beer and we also want to add fruit wine and cider . So far, everything is in the experimental phase, but who knows, maybe one day we will open our own brewery 🙂

Last but not least, you can also look forward to sharing our experience with the construction of a wooden container house and the creation of a self-sufficient food garden 🙂