Table entry:

Concrete conference table with a joint poured with epoxy resin. Metal legs and concrete slab 5 cm thick. Table finish: OSB structure and gray glossy stone-like finish. Legs chrome and brown epoxy.


Creation of OSB molds according to the dimensions of the board.

Concrete mold with OSB

Production of curry nets and metal bases (welding and grinding).

Metal base for concrete table with resin

Pouring the concrete slab and subsequent setting of the concrete (21 days).

Preparing the slab for the concrete table

Disassembly of the mold and subsequent cleaning and grinding to a smooth finish. Adjustment of some uneven parts.

Sanded concrete table. Rough grinding.

Pouring epoxy resin into the cracks of the concrete slab.

Concrete table with poured epoxy resin

Sanding the concrete table to smooth (including resin).

Concrete table with epoxy

Penetration and painting with the final glaze for a glossy effect reminiscent of stone or marble.

Concrete table with epoxy resin, stone stain

Dyeing the legs to chrome (client's wishes) and subsequent assembly of the board and legs.

Final table adjustment + photo shoot

Client response

FB review : “I had a coffee table made in FutLab. The realization met exactly my idea and the table looks beautiful! I can only recommend! ”

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