Design massive custom tables

We offer original, luxury, design, wooden and concrete tables to measure. No chipboard, China or Ikea, we produce honest, solid, metal or concrete tables. Industrial, classic, modern or currently popular solid wood boards with cast epoxy resin.

Each table is original and we will make it only for you and to measure . We have experience, imagination and the necessary know-how. We also have a special workshop where you can work with wood, metals, concrete, etc.

Epoxy table
Massive table with resin
Dining table and olive bench
Olive table and bench with resin

What we offer

  • Solid wooden custom tables (dining, conference or work)
  • Solid tables with epoxy resin
  • Combination of solid wood and metal - industrial style
  • Concrete tables, or a combination of metal / wood and concrete
  • Vintage tables (massive looking ancient tables)
  • Luxury tables (solid wood, concrete, epoxy and metal)
  • Table tops according to the customer's wishes

Types of tables according to use

  • Custom dining tables
  • Conference tables
  • Office desks / office desks
  • Plates on the table

Massive tables to order

Massive ash table in the bathroom
Massive dining table in Japanese sytl
Masivní jídelní stůl v japonském stylu
Massive custom dining table
Massive table
Massive custom table

Custom resin cast tables

Ash work table with blue resin
Conference table walnut with gray resin
Walnut conference table with black and bronze resin
Custom epoxy table, ash
Ash table with epoxy resin, board detail

Custom concrete tables

Concrete table with epoxy resin
Customized table top
Custom concrete table
Detail of a concrete table with resin
Custom-made concrete table
Custom-made marble concrete table

What we offer

We offer custom tables according to individual requirements.

Why choose a table from us:

  • We make unique custom tables that you won't find in Ikee 🙂
  • We combine materials such as: solid wood, concrete, metal and epoxy
  • We select the highest quality materials and preparations
  • Vše děláme sami od A do Z, vlastníma rukama
  • We use modern technology and traditional production
  • Each piece is original , we do not do mass production
  • Unique FutLab workshop: Joinery, metal workshop and foundry

Look at the specific concrete table to order for one client, or procedure production of table with epoxy resin.

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