We produce the table with resin using traditional technology. In this article, we will reveal how we proceed in the production of a table with epoxy resin. We make not only the classic combination of resin and wood, but also concrete tables, wood-concrete or wood-metal and more custom tables.

We offer the production of a solid table with custom resin . Do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested. "

Table with resin
Table with resin

Epoxy table production process

How to make a table from resin

First we prepare the material. We can, for example, use classic carpentry lumber , which is only roughly processed on a sawmill.

Alder, oak, olive or walnut, for example, have a nice wood structure . If you want a more luxurious version, then we can choose from some exotic types of wood.

We buy lumber for the table directly from the saw
Lumber on the table, alder. It is necessary to choose a suitable shape and structure of wood

Then the lumber needs to be processed . This means shortening to the required size, aligning, stretching and grinding. At the moment we are not interested in the final smooth surface, but in the appropriate size and thickness.

We combine the wood so that it forms an interesting shape and then we fill the empty spaces with epoxy resin (something like a river between the woods is created). However, we can also fill various cracks, imperfections or holes in the knot.

Production of epoxy molds

Now we will make a mold that will ensure that the epoxy only gets to the places where we want it to solidify and become part of the board. If we do the wrong form, then in the best case we will do a lot of work and in the worse case, the epoxy table will be completely thrown away.

It is necessary that the mold be perfectly sealed and has no cracks where the resin could flow. It is also necessary to think about the subsequent removal of the board from the mold, so that the resin does not stick to us and can be easily separated. We use a separator for easier separation.

We use either laminated chipboard or another material for the mold, which does not suck and release air bubbles into the resin on the table. If we have absorbent wood, we will still paint it with penetration.

For an atypical shape, we make a special form. Alder wood.

Epoxy resin casting

How to fill the table with resin

Once the mold is perfectly sealed (including gaps under the wood), prime and then pour the epoxy resin. We choose the type of resin according to the amount used and also the setting time.

Casting epoxy resin for wood

If we want to pour a large volume, we choose wood resins designed for this purpose , which, however, often have a long setting time (up to 2 days). If we want to pour only a small amount to top up or fill a small gap, then we can use a resin that is poured in a small amount with a setting time of several hours to one day (depending on temperature, type and amount).

Some resins are beautifully clear and durable , others are of lower quality and yellow. The quality differs and the price corresponds to that. If we use a low-quality resin, it will affect the durability and the resulting quality of the board.

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We can paint the epoxy , combine colors, or add various powders and other additives. You can also pour various objects that are part of the table decoration. Below you can see examples for inspiration.

Epoxy table encapsulated with resin with stones
Illuminated epoxy table with resin
Combination of wood, epoxy and concrete

Back to our table

After thorough preparation of the mold, for the resin . In this case, we used a colored black epoxy and poured three times.

Table top cast with resin

Once we have cast, we wait for it to harden and then carefully divide the mold and mill the wood and resin into a plane . Some excess epoxy is ground using either a multifunctional milling machine, a CNC milling machine or a hand milling machine.

Plate aligned with a hand cutter

Then we grind the wood and resin into a plane with the help of a manual oscillating grinder. Once leveled, grind to a smooth grain size of 40 (coarse) to 3000 (fine). At the end of sanding, the surface of the wood and epoxy itself is very shiny.

We pay special attention to the resin, as finer grinding can cause small cracks , which are deeper, and it is necessary to go back to coarser grinding and then repeat the process.

However, we never skip the individual roughnesses of the sandpapers, because then we would not achieve an even smoothness.

“We can grind to different grain sizes depending on the type of wood and resin. E.g. some woods only need to be sanded to about 400 and the resin is sanded to 3000. Some types of wood are impregnated with special oils at certain stages. However, every wood is different and needs specific care. ”

Grinding is followed by polishing (electrically or manually). We will use abrasive paste and polisher. We polish the resin into a mirror appearance, if our intention is to achieve maximum gloss and transparency.

After polishing, we continue to apply oil (in our case, very high quality odies oil ). We apply the oil two or more times depending on the type of wood. We also apply penetration in front of the oil.

“To achieve maximum gloss and smoothing, we can reuse a thin layer of epoxy transparent resin. Here we choose rather fast-setting and maximally clear resins. ”

We can use a protective colorless varnish or another method of wood protection (does not apply if we have applied a clear resin) according to the purpose of use (for outdoor use, for example, water-resistant varnish).

Manufacture of table legs

We make the legs classically from wood, or if you like more industrial furniture, then we use steel profiles .

We cut the material, weld, clean the joints and paint with the required color suitable for the given board and table style.

Metal legs to the table top

Finishing the table with epoxy resin

Once we have the resin table top and legs ready, then we can assemble the table together .

There are many ways to attach the board to the base . We chose classic screws drilled into the wooden part and fastening to steel profiles using a head.

We have the table ready and now the photo shoot follows , which is a very important part in itself. Usually we photograph the individual steps of table production only with the help of a telephone, and it is not always possible to capture all the details, color shades and the resulting effect in that hustle and bustle.

So once the table is ready, we have the opportunity to take proper pictures using the SLR and in good lighting. Here is a small sample:

Ash table with resin
Detail of a table with epoxy
Ash conference table with epoxy black resin
Desk desk clear
Wooden table encapsulated with resin
Ash table top with resin

Resin table: Price

What is the price for such a table? The price depends on the size of the table, the type of wood, the amount of resin , the type of base and the method of finishing the appearance.

It is true that the larger the table , the more resin and the rarer the wood, the more expensive the table .

Common material for the board is oak, ash, walnut or other woody plants , which are commonly available in Czech conditions.

If we made a board from exotic wood such as acacia, padouk, olive or zebrano, then the table would be adequately more expensive .

Stůl ve velikosti konferenčního odkládacího stolku vyjde cca od 20 000 Kč.

Jídelní stoly s epoxidovou pryskyřicí se vyrábějí ve velikosti kolem 160 až 200 a více centimetrů. Zde se pohybují ceny od 30 000 Kč podle druhu dřeva a množství použité pryskyřice.

We will inform you of the price as soon as we know your exact idea regarding the size, shape, type of wood, colors and other parameters of the table. Just write to us.

What we offer

Are you interested in an epoxy table and do not have the time or opportunity to make it yourself? No problem, we will be happy to make it for you custom table.

We also produce concrete tables with resin to order .

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