The fourth industrial revolution is approaching (or is already here). Automation, robotics, smart systems, analytics, 3D printing in all industries, virtual reality and the robots that accompany us at every step. At FutLab, we are diligently preparing and introducing several related innovations.

Surely you have heard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It's a bit of a buzzword and a bit of an overexposed topic, but the time is approaching when there will be a massive onset of robotics and work automation.

Increasingly smarter robots and automated systems will become a regular part of our job market and will have far-reaching consequences that we are not yet able to fully exploit. However, what is certain is that the labor market will change significantly, cities and households will change, many professions will disappear and new opportunities will appear.

At FutLab, we have decided that we want to be part of this new technological revolution, and that is why we are preparing for a new era.

3D printing and subsequent casting of anything

We believe that in the new era it will be possible to make anything at home (or in the workshop). We are preparing intensively for this ourselves, which is why we are already able to print large parts with larger FDM printers, print detailed mini prints with SLA / DLP printers and test smart materials that can mimic metal properties or mimic parts for industrial production.

Thanks to 3D printing, we are able to significantly reduce the cost of production of some parts, or create custom components that exactly fit the user. We can also print parts that are no longer produced according to the template, or play cheaply with various prototypes and come up with the final product for a fraction of the price that would cost normal production with traditional technology. Thanks to silicone molds, we can then cast very solid molds of various materials.

The model is 3D printing, then we create a silicone mold and then we cast materials from polymers with the required properties. We can already cast metals, thanks to 3D printing, special casting clay and subsequent melting of low-melting metals. We are now looking at 3D printing of ceramics and other materials.

We think that 3D printing is the future and has no boundaries. That is why, for example, we were also interested in SLS technology, where a laser sinteres powder material and thus creates an object without the use of supports. This allows you to print very complex and complex objects.

Automation of our workshop

We are currently working on the partial automation of our workshop. In addition to the fact that we already use automated machines, such as 3D printers, lasers, embroidery machine or CNC, we also want to use an automated 3D farm with a product harvesting system and a robotic arm that will be able to handle subsequent products.

Deploying a smart system

  • Monitoring workshop
  • Alarm and connection to mobile phone
  • Remote control of machines
  • Temperature, dust and humidity monitoring
  • Chip inputs
  • Machine reservation system
  • A smart eshop for buying memberships, training or materials
  • Automated invoicing tool


Robots instead of employees

From the beginning, FutLab was based on low costs and almost no employees. The reason is simple, we do not have a rich sponsor and we primarily finance everything ourselves.

That's why we had to come up with a system that wouldn't cost a lot of money and where we would save on employees. Maybe that's why we're testing a new way of doing business. The aim is to achieve minimum costs and maximum work efficiency.

Novinky Made in FutLab

In addition to various smart systems and automation, we also create our own products, which combine modern technologies and products that we enjoy.

What we are currently working on

  • Electro longboard laser cut with printed parts on a 3D printer
  • Cyklo Kolo made thanks to 3D printing and clever materials
  • Vest where 3D printing, laser and electronics are combined
  • Shoes completely made on a 3D printer
  • Performance suits where smart materials, 3D printing and electronics are combined
  • Fashionable skirts and other clothing combined with flexible 3D printing


Are you interested in our workshop? You can become a member of us and use our workshop for your projects. We also organize various trainings and workshops .