This contract was a challenge for us, which is not rejected. To make 3 busts of a pilot based on a photo for which the world-famous Czech photographer Martin Stranka received an award comparable in photography to the Oscar.


Make 3 busts of bronze based on the photo.

The bust also includes birds that needed to be cast separately and then welded to the bust.

Bust size around 30 cm.

The resulting patina for each bust is a little different. One bust in pure bronze natural color, the other 2 bust in black-gray graphite color and one dark bust will have a gilded visor.


Pattern for bronze busts


Based on the photo, we created a 3D model, which we then printed on a 3D printer.

Creating a 3D model based on a photo
Digital 3D bust model

We used the printed model as a pattern for the bronze casting.

We applied silicone to the 3D printed model.

Silicone form

Then we created a plaster club to strengthen the silicone.

Silicone and plaster

Once the hull was finished, we removed the 3D printed model and created a hollow silicone mold. We used this for a wax hollow model.

Silicone mold with wax positive

The wax model prepared for casting and began to soak in a special slurry and cast essential oil. The resulting shell mold is suitable for firing and then for casting with bronze.

Preparation of shell molds

The slurry and silica are applied repeatedly for one week.

A wax positive is burned from the finished mold to form a hollow mold.

The shell form gradually wraps until the original object is visible

The fired mold is ready to be cast in bronze.

The fired mold has the properties of ceramics and is white in color

We cast in one day. It is necessary to reach a temperature of around 1200 degrees in the oven and then cast the whole bust once (around 40 kg of bronze).

After pouring and cooling, we can break the bust and then clean it from the shell. Large pieces are easy to break. However, small remnants of details are removed for at least 3 days.

Bronze bust fresh after casting, broken shell

The bronze bust is cleaned and roughly polished.

The chiselling itself can take up to 2 weeks, depending on the details and complexity.

Rough polishing of the first bust

This is followed by polishing and then welding of other parts.

Bust with birds

Final wax polishing.

Other busts are followed by patination on dark and then the addition of wax (here the client requires a matte appearance).

Bronze busts
Bronze bust, one with patina

We handed over the busts to the client who exhibited them at his photo exhibition: Breath .

Photos from the exhibition

Bronze bust - photo from the client
Bronze bust without patina - Exhibition Breath Martin Stranka
Bronze bust with dark patina and gilding - Exhibition Breath Martin Stranka
Bronze busts at the exhibition in Mánes
Bronze busts at the exhibition in Mánes

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