In the following article, we will talk about how to make a handmade wooden pipe step by step. These are wooden pipes made of various woods, an acrylic body and a mouthpiece made of acrylic or parachute. The pipes are made using classic machines and hand tools. We produce all pipes in our wood workshop in FutLab .

Pipe production process

First, we cut the wood to the size of the pipe. Pipes are most often made of so-called briar - heather root. However, you can also use wood such as: various fruit trees, ebony, olive or so-called morta, which is the age of blackened oak wood.

Then we draw the necessary shape of the pipe on the blank and cut the wood to the desired shape. We will use a hand saw or a band saw.

Drill a hole for the kettle and a hole for the mouthpiece . The channels inside need to meet. Here it is very important to keep the wells even and perpendicular. If available, you can use a lathe.

We also drill a hole for a pin into an acrylic rod (which we buy in various colors and patterns) and put it down with a wooden head.

Morta and bamboo pipe - grinding

Morta and bamboo pipe - grinding

Morta and bamboo pipe - roughly cut

Morta and bamboo pipe - roughly cut

Then we grind the pipe to the desired shape and then put down the mouthpiece (you can buy ready-made or create it from acrylic) and then grind as a whole.

We sand the pipe with variously thick sandpaper / discs until the pipe is completely smooth and without visible scratches. Of course, we can also make the pipe with a rough surface finish, this can be achieved, for example, with a milling machine or a wire wheel.

Then paint the pipe with the required paint (eg alcohol paint), then polish with wax and a disc until the surface is nicely shiny.

We can also do the surface treatment repeatedly by applying a base paint, which we then gently grind and then apply another color. Then polish again with wax.

Morta and bamboo pipe

Morta and bamboo pipe

Sample of finished pipes

pipe futmakers morta pipe pipe futmakers olive pipe

Are you interested in the production of a pipe and still don't know what to do? You can visit our pipe production workshop and we will be happy to teach you everything.

Do you like pipes, but you don't feel like making them? Just write us your idea and we will make a pipe to order according to your idea. If you are interested, write to us at .