In the following order, we realized a dining table olive with blue resin. Legs metal steel. Final treatment with OSMO oil. The client liked the table very much.

Table demand

"Good day. I really like the resin tables you have on offer. But there are certain specifics that I would like to address when ordering. I would like a dining table measuring 200 cm x 100 cm. Olive wood. Ideally, the table design should not be too sleek and regular. ”

Completion of order details

  • Dimensions 200 x 100 x 80, board thickness 4 cm, olive, board natural edge
  • The color of the resin is turquoise, the river is irregular
  • Make a bench with a little epoxy in one place, uneven wood, natural edge
  • Treatment of osmo oil with wax

Production of table and bench with resin

Production of olive plate with resin
Production of olive plate with epoxy
Finished table and bench with resin

Table and bench at the client's

Dining table with olive resin
Dining table with olive resin pohled shora
Dining table and bench with olive resin
Dining table and bench with olive resin

Verbal evaluation from the client

I am totally and absolutely thrilled !!! I expected it to be nice, but your final work exceeded my expectations. It's a beautiful piece of human labor. I really appreciate the individual, small details. I really like how you played with the paint and how the resin is transparent in the top layer, so you can see the edges of the board. And the other lagoons, outside the river, it's a big parade, as it's flooded, those colored crystals, it's really beautiful. And when the sun shines on it, that's something! Really beautifully crafted. The children are also enthusiastic about the neighbors and the neighbors as if met Every time I walk around the table, I rejoice in how beautiful it is. I really appreciate your work and really thank you for it! And we need to contact you in the future with another order… "

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