In the following order, we created a memorial relief of the nephew for the client. Based on the photos, we made a 3D model, which we then printed on a 3D printer and created a silicone mold according to the plastic model. Then we cast 2 concrete castings and one epoxy cast into the silicone.


“I want to ask about the possibility of making a head - a bust, from any long-term material. Is it possible to send a photo and make a life-size head according to it? Depending on the price, I will order 2-3 pieces. ”


  • Create a relief of the head based on the photos
  • Make 2 concrete and 1 epoxy casting
  • Create a handle for hanging on the wall

3D model according to the photo

3D model created on the basis of real photos

3D model printing

3D printed plastic model

Production of silicone molds

Silicone form

Concrete castings

Concrete castings - special fine concrete + glaze

Epoxy casting

Epoxy casting - white color

Client's reaction after receiving the goods

"You did a wonderful job. Thank you and greetings. ”

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