We are a technological workshop and we focus primarily on automatic machines controlled by various software but we also provide various classic types of tools and instruments needed for fine electrical work or manual mechanical operation.


Our workshop is divided into individual sections

Each part of the workshop has its own specific function and individual parts are complementary.


3D printing section

  • 3 x Prusa MK3 (FDM printer)
  • 3 x Prusa MK2s (FDM printer)
  • 1 x Anycubic Delta (DLP printer)
  • 1 x Creality CR10 (FDM printer)
  • 1 x Creality Ender 3 (FDM printer)

Electro section

  • soldering station with magnifying glass
  • tin solder
  • multimeter
  • laboraty power supply
  • solderless wires
  • conductors
  • Arduino parts


Sewing section

  • 2 x sewing machines (Singer SMC 2250, Janome 603 DXL)
  • 1 x overlock/serger machine (Singer 14SH754)
  • 1 x old manual sewing machine for leather
  • Large working adjustable table


Mechanical section


  • pliers, screwdrivers
  • hammers, keys and bits
  • drills, cordless screwdriver
  • vice
  • glue gun
  • hand grinders


Wood and metal workshop

  • Format and corner saw
  • Band Saw
  • Different kinds of grinders
  • Pedestal drill
  • Milling cutters
  • Lathe and chuck
  • CNC


Laser cutter


  • CO2 laser 90 W, 900x600mm, reci
  • Small table Arduino laser 3200 mW



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  • CNC Kompas H1000


Design section

  • 2D printer
  • cutting plotter
  • heatpress
  • embroidery machine (Janome MC 500E)

Coworking and buffet section


  • 5 tables for work (1600×750)
  • comfortable couch
  • coffee maker and refrigerator
  • a selection of biscuits, instant soups and drinks


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