Trainings and courses

We offer training and courses to control individual machines in our workshop for members and for the public: such as 3D printing, laser cutting, wood working and thematic workshops for the production of specific wood and metal products.

We will gradually expand the offer of training and courses. We have a lot of knowledge and products to share.

Trainings are for participants over 18 years of age.

Current calendar of trainings, courses and other events can be found in the sidebar (on pc) →

Courses and trainings are planned approximately one month in advance.

All the courses are held in Czech language. It is possible to arrange an individual term in English but only for the course of 3D printing and laser cutting.

We are currently organizing the following trainings and courses

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3D printing for beginners


  • Introduction to 3D printing technology
  • Getting to know the printer
  • Operate the printer using the display
  • Calibrate and set up the printer correctly
  • Some practical tips
  • The most common printing errors and how to avoid them
  • Getting to know the materials and some tips
  • 3D printing of your chosen 3D model
  • Postprocessing of prints (gluing, dyeing and other treatment)
  • Tips and tricks (where to get a model and other interesting information)
  • End of printing and subsequent maintenance of the printer and material
  • Interesting tips on what to print and various examples for inspiration


Course length: 4 h

Number of participants: 2 – 6

Price: 850 CZK

3D printing for advanced


  • Introduction to SLA technology and other printers
  • Slic3r settings (3D model editing program)
  • Advanced model setup tips
  • Tips and tricks for specific objects and materials
  • How to solve the most common errors in 3D printing
  • 3D printing of specific models
  • Postprocessing of the model after 3D printing
  • Special materials (PLA with metal, wood, plaster)
  • Interesting tips for advanced – what to print and various examples for inspiration


Course length: 4 h

Number of participants: 2 – 6

Price: 900 CZK

Laser cutting workshop


  • Types of lasers and their use
  • Engraving and cutting of materials
  • Materials (types, differences, uses)
  • Introduction of our laser and its use
  • Laser components and settings
  • Focal distance
  • PC software settings
  • File preparation
  • Setting values for a particular purpose
  • Cutting and engraving your own small project


Course lenght: 3 – 4 h

Number of participants: 2 – 6

Price: 850 CZK

Basics of sewing on a machine:


  • Basic tools
  • Types of stitches
  • Materials – their characteristic and use
  • Description of sewing machine and its control
  • Practical part
    • correct machine setting for different materials
    • sewing practice of basic stitches
    • sewing of buttonhole
    • cut and sew a simple cosmetic bag (materials included)

Course length: 4 h

Number of participants: 2 – 3

Price: 500 CZK

Basics of welding (Coming soon)

Výsledek obrázku pro svařování co2


  • 1. Work safety principles
  • 2. Introduction to welding source and welding method
  • 3. Welding procedures + practice under the guidance of an instructor
  • 4. Welding o your own small product


Course length: 3 h

Number of participants: 4

Price: 800 CZK

We are still preparing this course. For more information, please follow our social networks or contact us directly.


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